New gun laws for South Australia

The South Australian government is to create new firearm offences and give police wide-ranging powers to further crack down on gun crime.


Under planned changes to the Firearms Act, the trafficking of firearms will become a new offence, with a maximum 20-year prison term.

People unlawfully possessing a loaded firearm will face a $75,000 fine or 15 years in jail.

Police will also be given greater search powers and the authority to seize equipment used for manufacturing and altering firearm parts, Premier Jay Weatherill said in a statement on Monday.

‘These proposed reforms build on tough new laws we introduced in March this year and send a very clear message that the trafficking, supply, unlawful possession and use of illegal firearms will not be tolerated,’ he said.

Other proposed new offences include possessing a silencer, found with a firearm, which will carry a $75,000 fine or 15 years in jail.

‘These laws will assist SAPOL’s newly formed Serious Firearm Crime Investigation Section which has been set up to specifically target individuals and organisations that unlawfully use, possess, steal, manufacture or traffic firearms.’

The proposed changes will be introduced to Parliament later this year.

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