Algeria – the island of stability

On the occasion of the national day of Algeria, the Embassy of Algeria hosted a reception. Afriport and the staff of Hír3d were also present at the event.

There are few pieces of news about Algeria in Hungarian media nowadays but it is not necessarily a bad thing; the saying “No news is good news” is absolutely true in this case. Algeria is the most stable state of the region. As His Excellency, Lounés Magramane, Ambassador said; this stability is the result of a long process but after several free elections they are entitled to say that the democratic system of the country can withstand the test of time too. The Ambassador considered Hungarian-Algerian relations important, especially because our country has been one of the most important economic and political partners of the region since 1962, the year of Algeria’s independence. Mr. Raymond Irambo, Secretary General of the African-Hungarian Union emphasized that Algeria is the most important country of not only the Maghreb region but also Africa, as it is one of the keys to the solutions of all-African issues due to its size and advancement. Mr. Péter Wintermantel, Under-secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said; in 2014, which is for Hungarian foreign policy the year of opening towards Africa, it is very important that we should make use of the opportunities that our good old relations with Algeria offer. 


H.E. Lounés Magramane, Ambassador of Algeria and Mr. Zsolt Rostoványi, Rector of Corvinus University


AHU members at the reception



Ladies in traditional clothing

(photos by György Konkoly-Thege)

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