Meeting of missions in Uganda

Participants of 3 missions supported by the African-Hungarian Union had a friendly meeting in Hoima, Uganda. They shared their experiences and gave each other some useful advice.


Hoima, is a small place in the Western part of Uganda, near Albert Lake. That is where Zoltán Karda, a world-traveler from Transylvania, Gergely Lantai-Csont, photographer, his partner, Karina Kozári, and the members of AHU’s 9th medical mission met. Zoltán Karda’s expedition will end soon. His aim was to follow the route of British explorer, Sir Samuel Baker and document the changes of the 21st century in the region. Gergely Lantai-Csont and Karina Kozári left Hungary at the beginning of September to travel through 12 countries of North- and East-Africa in order to search for natural wonders and have an insight into the daily life of recluse tribal communities.  Judit Szerbin, member of AHU joined the expedition in Uganda. The four members of AHU’s medical mission welcomed the others in Hoima. Dr. Anna Jakkel, dr. Róbert Késmárszky, dr. György Szabó, and Virág Kiss, member of AHU will work in Uganda for a month. Their mission is to help as many people as they can in the Kayunga region where several thousands of people live without basic healthcare. It is the 9th humanitarian mission of the African-Hungarian Union on the continent.    

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