IX. Medical mission of the African-Hungarian Union – Part 2.

28 November, 2013 Kiryatete

A the beginning of the week we were asked to visit one of Hoima’s ghettos where lots of people live in extreme poverty so we planned to work for two days. Peter, the leader of the district, came and took us to Kiryatete by car. He stopped in front of a wooden building saying that the surgery will be set up there.

It was boiling hot that is why we could not stay outside so we decided to set up

the clinic in one of the rooms. Our desk was a couple of deck-planks, everything was narrow but at

least the airing of the “clinic” was good. However, all the unpleasant smell of the area came in too,

which was not so pleasant. We were not happy about the fleas that were continually “transported”

by the patients. The conditions are far from ideal but you can get used to everything and slowly we

will not be surprised by anything. The doctors are really great; they adapt quickly to the conditions

and work hard every day. Today promised to be an extremely hard day, the neighborhood is full

of distressed people. We saw nearly everything: extra-large, already festering parotid-tumor,

pneumonia, tropical fungal skin diseases, tuberculosis, typhus and also patients with syphilis. In

addition, today was also the day of hernia. Many people came with neglected testicular, abdomen,

umbilical or inguinal hernia. Many little children with diarrhea and on the verge of dehydration were

cured by the doctors. A self-appointed security man armed with wood guns tried to maintain order. It

was necessary because people trooped in continually and we had to work not only in heavy noise but

also had to bundle out people continuously trying to jam in. In addition to the heat it was another

complicating factor but the doctors still managed to attend 150 patients. To be continued tomorrow!

The atmosphere is very good, Dr. Anna is everybody’s mother, Dr. Robi is the “funnyman” of the

team and Dr. Gyuri always informs us of some interesting, scientific fact that comes into his mind. He

is collecting samples from interesting cases for observation and do not have a rest even after work.

He also collects tropical bugs and insects. It is such a joy to work together with people like them!

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