Pedestrian bridge over Danube to connect NW Hungary, SW Slovakia

The construction of a pedestrian and cycling bridge connecting the Szigetkoz island plain in northwestern Hungary and Csallokoz (Zitny ostrov), a river island in southwestern Slovakia, is scheduled to start in 2017, the project’s chief engineer Laszlo Nagy told MTI in Cunovo (Dunacsuny).

The bridge will be built between the villages of Dunakiliti in Hungary and Dobrohost (Doborgaz) in Slovakia, in line with the two governments’ aim to increase the number of crossing points along the Hungarian-Slovak border. A further aim is to boost economic and social relations and tourism between the two regions. The bridge will have a bicycle path which will connect the existing paths on the two sides of the border. The project will cost 5 million euros, with most of the funds coming from the regional development fund of the European Union.

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