Hungarian chocolate factory won the sweets’ Oscar award

According to, this year for the first time a Hungarian sweet was awarded at Great Taste Awards, which is the most prestigious international gastronomy competition, in praline category. Two chocolates of the young Sweetic manufactory founded in 2013, the green walnut and Matcha lime-ginger also received an award.

The flavors of the praline, which bears the marks of domestic flavors, are built around a green walnut produced in an organic farming around the Lake Balaton. Their other sweets were born during experimentation, and they are the mix of lime-flavored Macha tea and ginger wrapped in white chocolate. “We chose our chocolates sent to the competition after some headaches, because we considered it important that the judges, in addition to our expert knowledge, can gain a little insight into the Hungarian culture, the flavors of our country” – Judit Zalai, chocolate master of the manufactory said.

With this, the company from Szigentszentmiklos followed internationally recognized national predecessors like chocoMe, Floch, Rozsavolgyi chocolate or the products of Tibor Szanto, which also received such an honor in different categories.

Source: / Daily News Hungary

Photo: Europress AFP Images

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