World’s oldest cat is Hungarian

After the death of the number one in California, the Hungarian Panni is the next in line, who is approaching the third X as the world’s oldest cat, said.

She is far from catching a mouse, also stopped mewing, takes heart med, but she still loves eating – Kossuth Radio’s program called Közelről reported about the oldest cat of the world. After the death of the number one in California, Panni is – in theory – next in line, although her date of birth is recorded only by the family: she was likely born in 1987.

There is no doubt she is very old; she loses hair, walks with difficulty due to her joints disease, and her body is full of bumps. Lászlóné Faragó, the owner says her love kept the animal alive, who has always been treated as a family member. According to the vet, the 28 year-old veteran cat can still live a couple of years with careful grooming.

Today, it happens she eats 7 times a day, she also must be brought to cosmetician. Her feeding and nurturing costs HUF 20-25 thousand a month, but the retired woman rather buys herself simpler, cheaper food, only that she could offer the best her cat.

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