Uruguay’s president José Mujica plans adoptions to teach children farming

Childless leader, who donates most of his money to social projects, plans to adopt dozens of ‘poor kids’ after term expires. Uruguay’s president José Mujica is planning to adopt 30-40 children so he can teach them how to farm the land, local media reported this weekend.


The down-to-earth leader, who eschewed the presidential palace in favour of his small farmhouse and donates most of his money to social projects, told journalists he wants to raise his adopted family when his term expires in March 2015.


The 78-year-old president and his wife, senator Lucía Topolansky, live on the outskirts of Montevideo. They married in 2005 and do not have children.


Previously as agriculture minister, Mujica planned to establish a school on his farm – a project still not realised.


“I have the goal of getting together 30 or 40 poor kids and bringing them to live with me,” quotes him saying.


Describing the role of state leader as a “heavy coat” that he must wear, Mujica said he hoped to go back to growing chrysanthemums and other flowers, his previous occupation before winning office.

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