Aust ready to send aid to quake-hit Iran

altAUSTRALIA stands ready to send humanitarian aid to earthquake-hit Iran, Foreign Minister Bob Carr says.

Iranian authorities have stepped up relief operations in villages in the northeast of the country, after Saturday’s earthquakes claimed at least 250 victims.

The US Geological Survey measured the first of the earthquakes at 6.4 magnitude while the second, 11 minutes later, registered 6.3.

Senator Carr says Australia is willing to send food and medical equipment to Iran, once a request has been received.

“We haven’t been asked to provide it yet but we stand willing to do what we do in cases like this,” he told ABC Television on Monday.

The quakes have left an estimated 16,000 people homeless and 1380 injured.

“It’s terribly sad when something like this takes place,” Senator Carr said.

“And there’s a nightmarish quality to the rescuing of people beneath rubble.”


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