Charlotte Dawson Twitter attack sparks call for changes to laws against cyber bullying

Twitter Troll-250x250The Federal Coalition is calling for changes to existing laws – or for new tougher laws – that would better protect people from cyber-bullying and harassment.

It follows TV host Charlotte Dawson’s hospitalisation after she was attacked by Twitter “trolls” for naming and shaming a user in News Ltd publications who had told her to hang herself.

Chair of the Coalition’s online safety working group Paul Fletcher said the “online hate campaign” against Ms Dawson was “shocking”.

“No Australian should ever have to go through something like this,” Mr Fletcher said.

“Unfortunately, cyber bullying, including through social media services such as Twitter and Facebook is a growing social problem.

“The Coalition has been consulting extensively on whether changes to current laws are required, with a particular focus on cyber bullying in children and young people.

“The sad experience of Charlotte Dawson is another indicator of the importance of a close look at the laws in this area.”



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