Irishman convicted after kicking politician for a bet

272750-attackerAn Irishman who kicked an Australian politician for a bet has been convicted and fined.

Darren Heraty, 24, said he kicked Northern Territory CLP politician John Elferink – who was holding a press conference about violence – for a $200 bet.

The Darwin Magistrates Court heard Heraty – an Irish national – was drinking with friends at a bar in the Darwin CBD when he saw the press conference being set up across the road on August 5.

Mr Heraty’s friends said they would pay him $200 if he touched Mr Elferink, who was appointed Attorney-General after the CLP seized power in the territory ending 11 years of Labor rule.

Magistrate Greg Cavanagh described the assault as a “stupid drunken prank.”

He has 28 days to pay the fine.



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