134 Dolphins Allegedly Slaughtered In Solomon Islands

altA total of 134 dolphins were reportedly hunted and slaughtered on Ata’a in the North East region of Malaita province last week in the Solomon Islands.

Reports received from sources within the region confirmed this to the Solomon Star.

Various sources who wished to remain anonymous revealed to this paper that, the dolphins were brought in shore using traditional Malaitan hunting methods, by dolphin hunters and fishermen from the village.

“More than a hundred dolphins were brought in by the fishermen from Ata’a.

“All have been slaughtered for their teeth which is very valuable to us Malaitans, and its meat which feeds many people during special occasions,” the source revealed.

Regional Director of Earth Island Institute (EII), Lawrence Makili, when queried on the matter confirmed that he had received confirmed reports that 134 bottle nose dolphins were last week hunted and slaughtered by the people of Ata’a in North East Malaita.

Mr. Makili said that EII condemn the actions of the people in hunting and slaughtering the dolphins, especially as it is still against the Fisheries and Marine laws and regulations of the country.

“It is the people’s right to hunt the dolphins for their own consumption, however EII condemns such actions done to a very much huge number of dolphins as reported.

“However EII will still fight to protect the lives of dolphins not only in the country but all over the globe,” Mr. Makili said.

Mr. Makili also warned other communities around the country who plan on capturing or slaughtering dolphins for personal gains not to involve in such activities.

“People will use such actions as precedence to continue on capturing dolphins so that they can benefit from EII.

“EII however wish to inform them that we are already engaged with four communities in the country, assisting them through development programs and also funding to stop such activities occurring,” Mr. Makili said.

Meanwhile Malaita province itself is known for practicing such rituals of dolphin hunting during the Christmas and New Year periods.

Mr. Makili said that EII will do all it can to make sure such does not occur during this festive season.

Source: The Pacific Island Report

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