Extreme starvation diets prove successful for some

Obese people can lose up to 22kgs in 16 weeks on extreme starvation-style meal-replacement diets, a new study has found.

People obsessed with food, and those waiting for lap-band surgery, can successfully lose weight with controversial diet shakes, leading Australian nutritionist Professor Clare Collins said.
“Some people feel addicted to food and need a break to stop thinking about it, and this gives them a chance to reset their bodies,” she said.
But it must be supervised by doctors or nutritionists.
“Don’t try this at home alone,” Professor Collins, from the University of Newcastle, said.
She said side-effects could include headaches, bad breath and gall stones. Her study also found the weight usually does not stay off long term.
Not all weight-loss experts agree.
Dr Leon Massage, an Australian Medical Association board member, said he did not support the use of diet shakes for patients unless they were preparing for surgery.
“It’s not appropriate for others who have not been taught to eat properly because it doesn’t teach them how to eat, or how to get their mind right about food,” he said.
Melbourne mother-of-three Anthea Katsamas tried to lose weight via diet shakes but gave up within a week because she didn’t feel like she was eating anything.
However, she successfully lost 55 kgs with Jenny Craig, preferring their pre-packaged planned meal program.
“You learn to make your own choices,” she said. “I feel amazing, and do so much more with my kids”.

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