Nun dies in 11th self-immolation among Tibetans

BEIJING (AP) — A Buddhist nun died after setting herself on fire Thursday, Chinese state media reported, in the 11th case of self-immolation among Tibetans in western China in recent months.


The official Xinhua News Agency said it was unclear why the woman, about 35 years old and identified as Qiu Xiang, killed herself along a road in Sichuan province’s Garze prefecture.


Xinhua said the local government was investigating the latest case. Phone calls to Garze authorities rang unanswered Thursday evening.
Although there is no tradition of self-immolation as a form of protest in Tibetan society, the suicides are seen as a sign of growing desperation in the ethnically Tibetan region, where tensions have been running high since massive anti-government protests in 2008.


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