Short news from our african correspondents

Short news from our african correspondents

Africa  (Agriculture – Nutrition)

Africa has vast agriculture potential, UN study


A vast stretch of African savannah land that spreads across 25 countries has the potential to turn several African nations into global players in bulk commodity production, according to a study published by FAO and the World Bank.


Zimbabwe  (Politics – Agriculture – Nutrition – Society)

UK offers more help to Zimbabwe, but not direct to government


The British government has announced an extra US$ 8 million of transitional aid to Zimbabwe, but the money will not be channeled direct through government, as the United Kingdom is still cautiously watching the democratic developments in the shaky

power sharing deal.


Nigeria (Politics – Society)

Oil firms confirms attacks on oil facilities


The Royal Dutch Shell has confirmed three attacks on oil facilities in the troubled delta region in Nigeria. The militant attacks in Niger Delta have cut the oil production in Africa’s former biggest oil producer by 20 percent since 2006.


Somalia  (Politics – Society)

Insurgents vow to attack foreign troops


Somalia’s radical insurgent group, Al Shabab has warned against the deployment of foreign troops in the Horn of Africa state. A warning follows an appeal by the Transitional Federal Government for military back up to bolster the fragile government.


Angola  (Human rights – Society – Politics)

Rights body call for cessation of torture in Angola


The human rights body has urged the Angolan government to halt unlawful detention and torture of people suspected of rebel activities in oil-producing province of Cabinda.


South Africa  (Health – Society)

New hope for MDR TB patients


Researchers have found a new Tuberculosis drugs to treat the multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) patients in a clinical trial in South Africa.



Source: AHU

Edited by: Gyula Balázs Kisvárdai



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