AHU Medical Mission is back from Uganda

After a month in Uganda where they provided free medical care for almost 5000 patients, AHU’s volunteer medical mission arrived in Budapest. This was AHU’s 9th mission in the African continent.

The doctors and coordinator of the 9th medical mission of the African-Hungarian Union arrived in the evening in Liszt Ferenc Airport:

Dr. Anna Jakkel, general practitioner in Kecskemét
Dr. György Szabó, general practitioner in Pócsmegyer
Dr. Róbert Késmárszky, otolaryngologist in Budapest
Virág Kiss, coordinator

The members of the mission were welcomed by family members, the media, and members of AHU.

Representing the African-Hungarian Union and the media, Vujity Tvrtko welcomed the doctors arriving home after a month in Uganda.   
During their stay they provided free medical care and medications for almost 5000 patients. The work of the doctors was supported by Virág Kiss, member of AHU who also coordinated the preparations before the mission. Our doctors managed to visit areas where medical care is inaccessible for the locals.
The most common illnesses and symptoms in the region were: malaria, worms, diarrhea, skin diseases, and septic wounds.  

Dr. Anna Jakkel has already participated in 4 missions, for the other two it has been the first time in Africa. The African-Hungarian Union would like to take this opportunity to thank the participants for their devoted work. We believe that we will again have the possibility to help the ill in Africa.


IMG 3132

In the arrival hall

IMG 3169

Press conference at the airport

IMG 3191

Tvrtko Vujity the host of the press conference

IMG 3201


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