Assassination attempt against the president of Rwanda?

According to unofficial local intelligence sources, there was an assassination attempt on Paul Kagame at the end of last week. The attempt might be in connection with the suspicious death of the ex-Head of Intelligence.


The president of Rwanda has just recently stated that he agreed with the killing of his ex-Head of Intelligence. Patrick Karegeya, President Kagame’s ex right-hand was strangled in a luxury hotel in Johannesburg on the last day of 2013.  He fled together with the ex-Chief of Staff to South-Africa after having fallen out with the president. “We always said that it was Paul Kagame behind the murder. After this announcement we have been left with little doubt”, said the ex-Chief of Staff of Rwanda. “Treason has its consequences”, threatened President Paul Kagame the opposition in emigration. Kagame came to power after the 1994 genocide and has been ruling with a rod of iron since then.  The irony is that Karegeya himself used to organize similar operations against “traitors” living abroad before. 

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