UN Information Service in Vienna in cooperation with HORNA – Horn Of Africa News Agency

On the 30th of January Mr. Sandor Balogh, president of the African-Hungarian Union (AHU) visited Mr. Janos Tisovszky, Director of the UN Information Service in Vienna in cooperation with HORNA(Horn Of Africa News Agency).

AHU has become well known as non profit organization in Hungary which has been sending yearly medical teams to Africa, as well as, participating in aids programs for children and other humanitarian missions. In the previous years AHU has established permanent cultural and trade representatives in Uganda, Morocco, and Ghana, and is looking forward to opening new offices in other parts of Africa in order to strengthen links between Hungary , EU and Africa.

As a result of the media facilities available at the AHU, there is an opportunity for the UN to propagate information in Hungary on actual subjects in Africa or other hot topics like poverty, drugs, and women’s rights.

In 9-10th October, 2014 AHU is going to organize the Central and Eastern European-African Business Summit where guests, lecturers, and participants from UN/UNIDO are warmly welcomed.
AHU is at the moment the biggest organization in Central and Eastern Europe focusing on Africa and the developing world. AHU’s future aim is to achieve an observer status in the UN.

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