The world pulling for a 87-year-old Hungarian lady

The woman, who plays chess for 8 decades, played simultaneous games with dozens of children at Gyerek Sziget. Currently, she has more than 13 thousand games, so she can be a Guinness recorder soon. Tabla Kiralynoje blog reported on the games, there also appeared the call, in which chess partners are looked for her.

Brigitta Sinka was born in Bekesszentandras on January 28, 1928. She grew up in the surrounding farmlands. Her father taught her how to play chess. At the age of eight, she defeated her father and as a teenage girl, she defeated the parish priest of the village. In 1952, she moved to Budapest, where she became the auditor of MEH. Besides her job, she became a chess competitor, she won a chess mastery title, she appeared in national and European competitions successfully.

In 1984, she retired. She suffered several strokes, but recovered successfully. She played chess only occasionally. In 2006, she gained admission to the Vitez Order, where she is still an active member.Simultaneous game means that a player plays against multiple opponents simultaneously, on separate boards. After each step, she continues the game at the next opponent, as long as each game ends. based on the article of translated by BA


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