Most foreign students choose medical, technical courses

Medical and technical courses, as well as kindegarten teacher training are the most attractive for students that come to Hungary to complete their higher education, Laszlo Palkovics, state secretary at the human resources ministry, told public television M1 on Wednesday.

Palkovics noted that young foreigners make up 8 percent of all students at Hungary’s universities and colleges. Concerning medical education, Palkovics said that most foreign students were from Germany and Norway, and added that doctors graduating from Hungarian universites will “do well” in any other country. Palkovics said that 600 foreign students were in Hungary under the government’s Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship programme, a number which is expected to exceed 5,000 by 2017, including young people from Russia, North Africa, and Asia.

Daily News Hungary

Photo: Europress AFP Images

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