Pablo Picasso’s art over Range Rover Evoque

With this fantastic idea the masterpiece of British car Range Rover Evoque demonstrates the fusion of automobile design with Pablo Picasso’s art, Picasso – the well-known master of cubism.

A group of young and talented artists painted Range Rover Evoque on the occasion of opening of the exhibition “Balatonfüred, Vaszary Galléria” called “Meeting with Picasso”. Picasso’s art Range Rover Evoque as I called it myself is the final artwork of interesting street art performance, which was visit by the guests who opened the exhibition dedicated to the great artist.


The Range Rover Evoque design is created with the personal participation of Victoria Beckham, as she recently evolved the idea and presents an exclusive and limited edition model in Beijing. British compact SUV is one of the most discussed models. This model is a revolution in design and appearance. Picasso’s cubistic artworks successfully complement and highlight the advantages of the car – it is a masterpiece of contemporary arts of 4X4 wheels.


Photo: MTI

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