USA would deploy tanks in Tata, PM is careful because of Moscow

According to, since it is stationing, the Parliament says the final word.

The USA would deploy 50 military vehicles, including four M1 Abrams tanks and eight M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles as part of Atlantic Resolve series of measures, which was launched against Russia due to the crisis in Ukraine – Magyar Nemzet newspaper wrote. The placing of the military vehicles would be permanent, so it would legally be stationing, but the American operators would only temporary arrive to the country.

The Minister of Defense denied the existence of the official American request, but the newspaper knows: it has happed informally; the submitting of the ministry will be in front of the government in a few days. To the storage and maintenance of Abrams and Bradleys, some facilities of the Tata barrack and the shooting ranges of Szomod and Várpalota would be renewed from American money. The ministry, besides the development of the facilities, supports the idea because of the additional training opportunities as well.

Anonymous sources of the newspaper characterized the offer as “irrefutable”, although they indicated the Prime Minister is careful, he does not want to jeopardize the Hungarian-Russian relations. According to Magyar Nemzet, chances are good that the step “does not reach the pacing threshold of the Russians”, since the size of the force to be deployed is considered as symbolic, and Hungary is not a “front country”, that is not bordered with Russia.

It would not damage the 1997 NATO-Russia Charter, and for Moscow, the important is the given NATO country does not accept nuclear weapons or missile defense systems. Since the deploying of the tanks – even if it is done without permanent military personnel – is considered stationing, the Parliament has to say the final word.

Previously, it was about American combat vehicles come for military exercise. Such will be the Brave Warrior in autumn, to which the 2nd Reconnaissance Infantry Regiment from Germany is waited.

Daily News Hungary

Photo: M1 Abrams tanks (Wikimedia Commons)

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