Tunisia Can Be An Encouragement For Africa

Globoport.hu writes that Sándor Balogh, the president of the African-Hungarian Union was the guest of M1’s Este television programme. He talked about why the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet this year.

This year’s short-list included people like Angela Merkel German Chancellor, Denis Mukwege Congolese doctor and Pope Francis, but as it shocked many people, the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet won the world’s most acknowledged award.

“The award is in a good place” said Sándor Balogh, who thinks that this win can act as an encouragement for the Tunisians, for Africa, and last but not least for countries who want to transition into a democracy instead of the one-time dictatorship.

Sándor Balogh emphasized that Tunisia is the only country that was able to start their conversion into democracy after the Jasmine Revolution. They turned to Hungarian experiences of the similar change of regime in 1989. ‘The country could serve as an example for the other countries of the continent under suppression.’ finished the president of the African-Hungarian Union.

The Quartet was formed by the contribution of unions, lawyers and human rights activists in such a critical time when Tunisia’s democratic development made a balk and the country was drifting towards a civil war-like stage. The coalition of civil society groups played a role in detaining bloodshed, and was able to get the country back on the path of peaceful democratic transition.

Source: Daily News Hungary

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