University funding cuts will sway voters against Labor

More than a third of undecided voters would be less likely to support Labor after its cuts to universities to pay for school reforms, according to a new survey.
In a blow to the Prime Minister’s education crusade, the survey also found 34 per cent of soft voters – who have indicated a preference for a party but are willing to change – would choose the Coalition if it reversed the Gillard Government’s $2.3 billion tertiary cuts.
And a quarter of all Australians were more likely to vote for the Coalition if it withdrew support for the controversial slash to university budgets.

Almost 90 per cent of Australians support increased funding for universities and 64 per cent believed such measures threaten the country’s future.
“This polling shows the strength of the community opposition to the Government’s cuts, which have amounted to over $3.8 billion since late last year,” said Belinda Robinson, chief executive of Universities Australia, which commissioned the research.
“It also reflects just how strongly everyday Australians feel about the role of our universities in securing Australia’s economic future.”


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