Hungarian foster home project for children in Nepal

A foundation wants to open a boarding school in Nepal with Hungarian help. The Hungarian Asia Society is helping to introduce the plan.

Ms. Anna Diószegi Anna has always wanted to be a missionary. She and her pastor uncle often talked about the time when she would leave and help people on a faraway land. But this plan has always been postponed. She found a job at the Hungarian Television, she has been working at its assign since, and it seemed she would always stay in Hungary and her dreams of being a missionary would always remain dreams. She already knew where she would go. She met the Dalai Lama when he was in Hungary and she was touched by the wisdom and charisma of the religious leader. She knew she would go east if she could. It was still an unexpected turn when she met a man from Nepal who invited her to his village. And so she left for Nepal. Since then it has become clear for her that her mission is there on the top of the world. There is no road up to this village and the last kilometer has to be walked, which does not seem too much but the way up is very steep. The village is poor and has been made even poorer by the civil war of the past decade. There are a lot of orphans in the village and even more of those who would like to learn but their parents cannot afford it. For school you have to pay and the education of the third or fourth child the parents cannot afford. Although the only way for these people to break out would be education, as it is almost impossible to make a living in agriculture on the stone-hard soil of the hills. The aim is to build a boarding school where everyone could learn free and those who have nowhere to live can have a place to sleep here too. This plan needs quite an amount of money but Anna is determined. She searched for partners and found the Hungarian Asia Society in Hungary. And we promise to follow Anna until she reaches her goal.

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