More than a business partner – a friend

Mongolian-Hungarian relations have a thousand-year history and, they look forward to a bright future. Everybody agreed with this at the foundation of the Hungarian-Mongolian Chamber.

Traditional Mongolian way of living is very similar to that of our ancestors’; they love and use horses, their house is the yurt, their songs and dances are like Hungarian peoples’ from thousands of years ago. These were the foundations for the professional and friendly relations built during the socialist era. A lot of Hungarians worked in Mongolia, especially in water research. These professional relations were kept even in those days when Mongolia was everything but a significant partner for the Hungarian government. That is why Kristóf Szatmáry, Under-secretary of NGM (Ministry for National Economy) said that doing business with Mongolia is not only a business matter but also continuation of a friendly relationship. But business, and it is very important too, has roots other than emotions. As Oyun Sabjaasuren, Minister of Environment and Economy, president of the Hungarian-Mongolian joint committee said; those who invest in Mongolia now are establishing connections with one of the fastest-developing economies in the world. Mongolian soil has a lot of treasures and the fast-growing Chinese industry needs them. Mongolia, thanks to its mineral resources, has become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and the previously Soviet-Russian orientation has been taken over by the dominance of the south, China and rich Asian countries. However, Mongolia is still a poor, developing country in many aspects and deeds developing. Hungary and Hungarian knowledge could play an important part in this development. If we think about the yurts around Ulaanbaatar we can realize that foreign help is absolutely necessary to be able to eliminate them and to build modern infrastructure. Traditionally Hungarians are strongest in water projects. And now government help is on its way too: the Hungarian government announced a new, set assistance credit-program and the chambers signed three contracts at the event.

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