When to visit Dubai?

When to visit Dubai?
Perhaps this is the easiest to answer.

It is recommended to visit between
October and May; and to avoid
travelling there during the summer
months. There are two reasons
for that. The first is the almost
unbearable heat of the summer
and the other is Ramadan, which
brings real chaos to the life of the
city during the month that it lasts.

In July and August temperatures can
often be around 50 degrees Celsius;
which may not be so brutal in an airconditioned hotel room, but will hit
you hard as soon as you step into the
street. The effects of that extreme
heat can be difficult to recover from.
What I usually say is that walking
on the sunny side of the street feels
having your arm caressed by a hot

Of course, I also know that those
accustomed to an Egyptian summer
or a holiday in Turkey will not be put
off by the heat, yet you would still be
better delaying your holiday if you can
and visiting Dubai during the period
recommended above.

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