Botswana to establish Eastern European relations

Duma Boko, Botswanan politician, leader of the opposition, and presidential candidate of the Umbrella for Democratic Change coalition, visited Hungary this week to seek the possibility of establishing a two-sided relationship between Botswana and Hungary. Boko, who manages a law firm in civil life, visited the African-Hungarian Union’s hall on Thursday to negotiate with the Union’s president, Sándor Balogh.

Although Duma Boko has wished to pay a visit to Hungary before, it was the politician’s first time in the country. Boko has gained his law degree from the University of Botswana in Gaborone, and later studied at Harvard University. After returning from the United States he founded the Umbrella for Democratic Change coalition, which is a worthy rival against the long-reigning Botswana Democratic Party. The coalition’s support has been growing ever since in the country which has almost 2.5 million residents, and has a good chance to win the next election held in 2019. The hard-working politician isn’t resting, and works on the country’s two sided international relations. According to Boko, there’s a great potential in establishing a relation between Botswana and Hungary, as both countries can offer something the other does not have: goods, experts, and services. The country, which has no seashore, has great economic and cultural opportunities, as it has been among the world’s largest diamond producing countries for years now.


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