Langos Truck: the flavor of Hungary on four wheels in NY

According to The New York Times, if you are Hungarian, langos (pronounced LAHN-gauche) is the taste of summer, of days on lawns overlooking the 50-mile-long Lake Balaton, which those who live in the landlocked nation call the Hungarian Sea.

If you are not Hungarian, you might mistake langos for a small underfurnished pizza and bypass it in search of more ample pleasures. This would be a loss. The New York Times said, at the Langos Truck, which docks weekdays for lunch at different corners of New York City (call or check the truck’s Twitter or Facebook feeds for details), the recipe begins with Idaho potatoes, boiled and mashed, to which milk, flour, sea salt and yeast are added. Milk brings softness, potatoes buoyancy. (In Hungarian, the full name for the potato version is krumplis langos.) The resulting dough is wrapped in foil and left to rise on a warm shelf above the grill. When ready, it’s cut into rounds and quickly fried in canola oil. (

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